Cafe Comix

Since our startup in 2019 with a little space in Aligarh U.P.-202002,

We are proud to inform you that very soon you will get three locations of Cafe Comix in Aligarh. We will update you with new locations soon and we are inviting you to join us as a valuable guests.

A Few Words About Us

Cafe Comix started out as a dream and now it has become a mission. To serve delicious and tasty food to all of you. Our group takes pride in the way that we can furnish our new and faithful clients with extraordinary tasting Indian-roused nourishment that is not normal for that at some other Indian eatery you visit. We perceive that a few people are as yet searching for the run of the mill Indian nourishment, and that is fine with us.

Cafe Comix Founder & Owner

Meet The Founders

Cafe Comix is the first themed based cafe opened in Aligarh in the year 2019. Ali Khowaja is the founder and Owner of Cafe Comix. In 2019 he  planned and executed his dream in a live form of cafe comix. 

Ali Khowaja

Founder & Owner